All You Want Is Love

All You Want Is Love

Genre: Drama
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Bored with her household regularly nagging her to internet married, unsuitable heiress Yeh Fenfen (Shu Qi) books a personal at a gleaming villa on the Penghu Islands, which may possibly be the topic of a traditional music on a tape left for her by her mom. When she arrives at her vacation spot, she’s dismayed to look out that the attractive villa is principally a rundown B&B owned by Wu (Richie Jen). It seems that Wu’s friends, hoping to drum up some commerce for the B&B, falsified a few vital capabilities referring to the assert of the property on the web. Angered by the deception, Fenfen packs her baggage and leaves the next day. Nonetheless, when she loses all of her baggage on the boat journey, Fenfen has no choice however to go abet to the island.

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