Bandits: Be happy and Liberty

Bandits: Be happy and Liberty

Genre: Drama
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In 1838 inside the dominion of Naples and the Two Sicilies, Malacarne, gamekeeper of Baron San Germano, kills the bandit Caruso, whose widow affords initiating to Giovanni and on the the identical time turns into the nurse of Costanza, San Germano’s orphaned daughter. 13 years later, Giovanni and Costanza tumble in esteem to the jealousy of her uncle, who shuts her in a convent, ordering Giovanni to be killed by Malacarne who has in the meantime change right into a bandit. Barely alive, Giovanni is taken away by Bourbon troopers. After Garibaldi’s arrival in Sicily and its union with Italy, Costanza is free of the convent and returns to San Germano. She is visited by Giovanni and although quiet loves him, rejects him since she wants to alter right into a nun. Within the interval in-between, Giovanni kills Malacarne and takes his place. Costanza marries the successfully to assign Lo Turco and the next day departs for Naples, however throughout the shuffle the carriage is attacked by Giovanni’s band. Costanza flees with him and as well they shuffle away for The usa.

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