I Be happy You Jet Li

I Be happy You Jet Li

Genre: Drama
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Taking us into what for Designate Augé is the final non-establish – an airport prepared lounge – Stacy Hardy and Jaco Bouwer current peaceable additional proof of supermodernity’s failure to originate away with natural social existence. Granted, the residence we enter with them isn’t any longer one amongst wholesome connections between human beings encountering one another in a purposeful polis. Clearly, theirs is an international of radical disconnects. On the an identical time, alternatively, it’s an international by which people perform extraordinarily idiosyncratic lives for themselves – if there may be one issue lacking right here it’s exactly uniformity – and by which imaginaries tear haywire. Indubitably, the Hardy/Bouwer airport lounge is a dystopian residence and this residence, it seems to be trustworthy to suppose, decisions as a synecdoche for an even bigger social situation. However dystopia right here stands in radical opposition to uniformity and it’s decided to destroy the mould of slack capitalist habitus (Dominique Malaquais, SPARCK).

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