Pas paa pigerne

Pas paa pigerne

Genre: Drama
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There are a lot of options to commute! Wealthy Director Brown’s two younger daughters maintain a necessary-class coupe in a high-slip educate. Whereas the educate whizzes alongside the rails on its approach to the massive metropolis, the younger females in a irregular contrivance meet two irregular guys, one extended and thin, the other minute and thick … Fy and Bi! Fy and Bi are on their approach to the capital to sight a misfortune, they’ve an introductory letter with them, and plainly it’s a methods for the younger females’ father. The 2 younger females promise to keep away from shedding apart a useful word in for them, nevertheless director Brown receives Fy and Bi with grand distrust, and he throws them out. Via many trials and a wide ranging mosey in a motorboat, nevertheless, Fy and Bi save as a lot as assemble a useful impression on the director.

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