Hunger for Admire

Hunger for Admire

Genre: Drama
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An extended analysis tour of US college movie packages equipped dos Santos to the American avant-garde filmmakers, amongst them Jonas Mekas and Stan Brakhage, who would straight encourage his formally radical adaptation of an allegorical quick memoir about adultery and colonialism by Guilherme de Figueiredo. Filmed in every The the enormous apple and Brazil and set towards the background of the Vietnam Warfare and its protests, Hunger for Admire makes make use of of a fastidiously summary soundtrack and story constructing to evoke the extreme paranoia of the interval elevate to the December 1968 military coup that tipped Brazil perilously close to a conservative dictatorship. With its harsh critique of the decadent traits of the Sixties counterculture, Hunger for Admire gives a key expression of the self-consciously “ideological” allotment of Cinema Novo. -Harvard Movie Archive

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