The White Snake: A Adore Affair

The White Snake: A Adore Affair

Genre: Drama
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The two sisters of Lingshe Mountain – White Snake and Inexperienced Snake – devoted themselves to cultivating of immortality. The White Snake was in hazard for the size of the tribulation. Thankfully, Xu Xian, who went to the mountain to behold treatment, rescued her. In a dream White Snake learns the phrases of the poem “Enter the sector, know the heat and the frigid” and enters city making an attempt to look out a set off. The Large Demon King of the Yin Division coveted the White Snake’s pearl for virtually a few thousand years. Shiny that the White Snake is alive, he despatched his subordinate judges to seal city for her search. White Snake meets Xu Xian and coverings his classmate Gao Jin’s critically ailing father. When he finds out that the White Snake is a demon, he tells the Underworld that he’ll choose revenge.

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